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It feels annoying when the system starts working slow, and you can hardly get your things done when it is unresponsive as it takes much more time than before to perform anything. There can be various reasons for the same.
There might be enough installed programs that require different resources to run that particular programs but your system doesn’t have the same. Also Windows 10 slow after update 2020, all these issues stipulate that updates are not installed successfully or it might be not compatible with your computer. Let's discuss the points that will help to face if windows 10 running slow.

Points that will help you fix the Windows 10 extremely slow and unresponsive issue

Here are the following points through which you can fix the Windows 10 extremely slow and Unresponsive issue: -

1. Need to Adjust the Advanced Performance Settings

Initially what we need to do is adjust the advanced performance settings to move a step ahead towards the process to speed up window 10 extremely slow and unresponsive.
If you don't know the steps to adjust the same follow the below-mentioned instructions:
• Now make a click on the Windows key you have to type Control panel to move ahead.
• There will be an option to type on the top right; here you have to type – "performance". These all should be performed in the search bar for quick results.
• Make a left click on Adjust, Appearance, and performance of windows.
• Check the options according to your requirements.
• Left-click on apply, later on, need to click on Advanced tab.
• After performing all the above steps, you need to click on Change and then a window will appear on the screen.
• In that window you have to uncheck an option termed as- Automatically managing paging file size for drives.
• Choose custom size.
• Left-click on Set, then Ok, Now restart your system

2. Under Power options- choose the Best performance

If we’re working on the computer running slow windows 10 problem, this always works as a power booster to speed up the system you just have to make a right-click at the lower portion of the battery inside the taskbar. Now slide it to the Best performance.

3. Do a Clean Boot

Clean boot is done to start windows with the use of start-up programs. This also helps to remove software conflicts that happen when you install an update or when run any function in windows 10. With the help of a clean boot, you can also determine the issues that occur in the computer running slow.

4. Repair corrupt system files

There are numerous problems like blue screen error, the system not responding, the application is not working, etc, due to corrupt files cause. It might be possible that because of the corrupt system Files Windows 10 extremely slow and unresponsive.

6. Disable Background Apps

Microsoft is a good friend of universal apps, and when a lot of system resources used by background application then this might be the reason for the slowdown of windows 10.

7. Delete temporary files

You should delete temporary files if you are willing to make your window 10 works smoothly as it might become lengthy for your system to respond due to some heavy yet unnecessary files.
If you don’t know the steps to delete the temporary files in your system go through following instructions to do the same.
• You need to make a click on Win key and then type Disk Cleanup.
• Check the list, select the options that you want to clean up.
• Make a left click on clean up system files.
• Now choose OK.

8. Disable start-up programs

Follow the below points to disable start-up programs
• Now you need to press ctrl + Alt + Del and drag up the Task manager
• Now click on the start-up tab.
• Choose the apps or programs that you can manage without during windows setup

By following these steps it could help your system to boost up the speed of windows Still, you face the same problem, don’t hesitate to take help from our experts by calling our toll-free numbers +41-44-5862-876 and +44-208-6385-283 (for assistance purpose).


In this blog, we’d tried to explain and elaborate that what are the ways that will help you to examine the issue and also assist you to handle if Windows 10 very slow or unresponsive . Besides, if you are eager to know about the quick steps that can surely enhance the speed (primarily the performance) of your operating systems (like Windows 7,8,10 and so on), do spend some of your valuable time in location our web portals and learn them wisely.

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