Why Do People Face Slow PC Issues?

One of the most common issue faced by the computer users is the slow PC issue. A slow PC creates a lot of problems for the users making it very difficult for them to work on their computer. The computer tends to freeze at regular intervals of time and all common works takes an abnormal amount of time to be completed. This results in an overallslow performance of the computer which is extremely irritating and frustrating for the users during the time of their work. Therefore, at this point of time, it would be better to know about the various reasons as to why the people face slow PC issues so that some of the effective precautionary measures can be taken at the proper time to get rid of the problems. Some of the most common reasons for a slow PC are as listed below.

Too Many Programs Running at the Start Up

If there happens to be too many programs at the start up, then the computer tends to slow down resulting in a slow PC. You should keep it mind that whenever you download any programs, they try to weasel their way into the start up menu of the computer and results in the slowing down of the computer.

Failure of the Hard Drive

If the hard drive of your computer is very old or is near to the end of its lifespan, the computer slows down to a great extent. The hard drives of the computers are made up of moving parts which spin on a regular basis more than thousand times per day result in the wear and tear of the hard drives. So, a very old hard drive might slow down the computer.

Hard Drive is Almost Full

When the hard drive of the computer is almost full up to about 95 percent, then the computer can slow down by abut 50 percent making it quite difficult to be used. You need to have a good amount of space in the hard drive for its optimal functioning. Most importantly, the partition of the drive where the operating system is loaded should have free space.

Too Many Add Ons in the Browser

The extensions of the browsers actually enhancethe web experience of the users but at the same time might act as the culprit in slowing down the computer to some extent. This is the main reason as to why you should make it a point not have too many add ons in the browser that you are suing.

Many Programs are Running Simultaneously

When there are too many programs running simultaneously at the same time, the computer begins to perform slow without the usual speed. It would be better to reduce the number of programs running at the same time for the system to function better.

Your Computer Might be Infected

Another of the major reason as to why people have to suffer from slow PC issues is because of adware and malwares present in the computer. If there are viruses present in the computer, then it might readily affect its performance.

Memory is Low

If your computer does not have the sufficient RAM, it might give you a slow performance. After the troubleshooting steps are performed, still if the computer, you need to consider a RAM upgrade which would fix the issue with slow computer. There might be a number of other issues apart from the major ones that are mentioned above which results in the slowing down of the computer significantly.

Do You Wonder Why My Computer is Slow?

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