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Windows 10 shouts out loud with its amazing specifications such as Interactive User Interface, virtual desktop system, face recognition, and fingerprint login and so on. But, it is a proven fact that any system gets slow if the load on CPU increases haphazardly.

This is the reason why the customers are in dire need of getting an answer to the question,” How to speed up laptop windows 10, laptop functioning slowly and how to boost its performance speed”. In this article, I will be articulating solutions that can surely help in fixing such issues.

Unbeatable Solutions of fixing the slow speed issues in your Windows 10

Nowadays, it has become mandatory to keep your operating systems up-to-date so that you can use its advantages for improving the consistency and precision of your daily-basis activities. Having the curiosity to know about the unbeatable solutions to fix how to speed up your computer (primarily Windows 10)? Take a look at these steps: -

1. Change your Windows 10 power settings

Corporate individuals who prefer to work long hours on their Workstations use the Power Saver feature in Windows 10 laptops. Indistinguishably, they are assertively able to work for long hours, but the laptop’s speed slows down and they think about how to make your computer run faster. All they need to do (to enhance the speed) is the following: -

If you don't know the steps to adjust the same follow the below-mentioned instructions:
• Launch the Control Panel on your Windows 10 operating system.
• Now, you have a suite of options. Spot the one that states,” Hardware and Sound”. This displays two options- Power Saver and Balanced.
• All you need to do is change the customized plan to a balanced one and click on OK. Prefer to restart Windows 10 and you will get the answer of how to speed up your computer?

2. Disabling the unnecessary programs that run on Startup

Unnecessary background applications running on the Windows 10 PC offer a kind of hindrance at times you launch the foreground application and use it to complete your tasks. Consequently, the laptop’s speed gets decelerated. In order to fix how to make your computer run faster issue, execute the mentioned-below steps well: -

• Click the Windows 10 logo at the bottom-left corner of the screen. In the search bar, type Task Manager. Also, you can press the Ctrl, Shift and Esc keys simultaneously.
• Double click the Task Manager icon and click on more details (written at the bottom of the dialog box).
• Click the Startup option and disable those background applications offering high startup impact to the foreground ones. Close the window now.

3. Turn on the notifications from apps and other senders

If you are using Windows 10 PC, it is crucial to keep an eye on the Windows tips and tricks enlisted within the Notifications and Actions section of Control Panel. This not only helps you with the tips on my computer is slow but also highlights the suggestions you must consider before updating Windows 10. To turn the notifications on, follow these steps: -

• Click the Windows 10 logo button. After that, you have a list of options.
• Locate the Control Panel option and click on it. Now, a new window pops-up. Here, you need to find Notification Area icons and click the same.
• elow the Notifications, you will find a ball-like feature. Click on the ball and drag it to turn it on.
• Close the window after you untick Get tips, tricks and suggestions option.

4. Put a halt to Onedrive synchronization

The One-Drive application, if already installed, starts synchronizing itself for the updates available on its cloud storage. Though it is beneficial as it keeps the PC files up-to-date, yet it is one of the reasons why is my laptop so slow? Let’s take the steps to fix the issue:- • Right-click the One-Drive icon and click on the Pause Synchronization option.
• Within this option, you have a drop-down menu indicating the time-slots. Choose the one that suits you the best.

5. Stop the search indexing service

At times the existing Windows 10 users are face how to speed up laptop windows 10 issues, turning off the search indexing service is a viable option for them. This, not also clears space of Hard Disk drive, but also accelerates the multi-tasking ability of Windows 10 laptop. All you need to do is: -

• Type services.msc in the command prompt and hit Enter.
• On the left, click on Stop the service option. This ends the content indexing process for various files.
• Reboot the system now.

If you face issues even after performing the mentioned- above steps, you must contact our toll-free numbers +1 914 979 2720 and +44-208-6385-283 for further assistance.


The hassle-free use of the applications installed on your Windows 10 operating system is possible if and only if the performance speed is boosted well. The more you keep the Windows 10 laptop away from an issue like why is my laptop so slow, the less your Laptop is likely to suffer from unexpected low-performance sessions. In case the Windows 10 goes through slow performance issues, do contact at toll-free numbers +44-208-6385-283 and +1 914 979 2720 for further assistance.

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