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Windows 10 running slow again – I am fed up with this!!!

A lot of times this happens that Windows 10 PC starts working slow. Unexpectedly, this shows a lot of pop-ups too. What will you do then – bang your heads against the walls or find a smart way of fixing such bugs?

Notwithstanding, it is a well-known fact that excessive use of memory, unwanted pop-ups, and other viruses may cause this issue. But, here arises the need of knowing other reasons as well causing the bug. Other reasons, one can simply classify them in a category of junk files, incompatible utilities, and various registry errors.

Take a step ahead of finding the solutions rather than hiring a technician for the same. Avoid saying the thing that the problem is eating me from inside. Rather, pick your dialers up and call at +44-208-6385-283 and +41-44-5862-876.

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Why choose the Slow Computer issue?

We at slow computer issues primarily focus on delivering 24*7support (both on-call as well as off-call). Likewise, the support team is specialized in catering all your queries and offering solutions corresponding to them within the stipulated time-frame. At times you get such issues, don’t bang your heads against the walls.

Instead, call us at +44-208-6385-283. Furthermore, our service centers are in Hamburg, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Birmingham, Hounslow, London, Cambridge, Nottingham, and Bristol. Our primary focus is to offer customer-centric solutions so that you need not diagnose your laptops, computers and other operating systems again and again.

Our motto is simple- pick the root cause behind the repetitive occurrence of the problem to offer such steps that are easy for our users to be understood and implement in a much feasible manner. All you need to do is call our service centers located in the UK and Germany by sitting on your chairs in relaxing mode. Do remember one thing – belief our fairly valued and skilled services to get started with the necessary applications of your PC at once.

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Slow PC Support by Geek Tiger

Reasons behind the slow performance of your computers.

Need assistance for Slow PC?

From sending your emails to playing games on your personal computers or laptops, high-performance is a must. Identically, high-performance is inversely proportional to the amount of load you offer to the process managers of such operating systems.

Let’s not dive deep inside this prodigy and prefer to make a move towards knowing the reasons behind the why is my computer slow problem: -

  • Continuous improper shutdown of either computers or laptops.
  • Insufficient storage space of your hard drive.
  • Registry files not cleaned properly by the process managers.
  • Unwanted attack of viruses, worms, hackers and other malware.
  • Excessive usage of the process, resulting in overheating and consequently, slow speed issues.
  • Incompatible applications downloaded onto the laptops.
  • An outdated version of RAM and ROM you are using.
  • Unnecessary background applications running at the process management’s console.

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Common Reasons Which Make Your PC Slow

  • Your computer was running for a long time without a reboot.
  • Not Enough of Free Hard Drive Space
  • Hard drive corrupted or fragmented
  • Hard drive corrupted or fragmented
  • Too Many Background programs
  • Your computer is Infected with a Virus or Malware
  • Hardware conflicts and outdated drivers
  • Your version of Windows or other software is out of date.
  • Computer or processor is overheating
  • Your PC requires a Memory upgrade
  • Old Computer/Hardware Failure

Are you fed up with slow speed of your computer or its hanging, getting blue at time of working, locks up or something else? No need to worry and wandering here or there for optimization of your computer.

After reading about all such issues, your hearts might have started pumping for knowing the most prominent solutions to get such problems fixed. Let’s start: -

Interested in Knowing About the Solutions

Don’t get fed up with the hindrances your PC may display them on the screen. Instead, try the most exclusive solutions articulated below: -

• Removing the unwanted programs consuming the CPU memory

These programs unnecessarily consume the CPU memory. In order to stop them, press the three keys Ctrl, Alt and Delete simultaneously. Click on Task Manager to see the processes running. Select the one you wish and then, click the End process option. Now, the process management window removes the process completely. Restart your system now to enjoy the fast performance of your laptops.

• Disabling the programs automatically gets enabled at the startup menu

If someone gets the trick of disabling the programs that automatically start running at times your turn the laptops on, he/she can assertively multiply the performance speed of their operating systems. All you need to do is press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key.

Then, spot the Task Manager option to click it. On the Startup tab, select all the processes that start automatically and click on Disable. After they get disabled, prefer to restart your PCs or laptops to enjoy the enhanced speed.

After the above two solutions, there are many more solutions to fix the slow speed issue. To know more about them, do feel free to have a word with our experienced customer care specialists in the UK and Germany at +41-44-5862-876 and +44-208-6385-283 .

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We at Slow PC Support by Geek Tiger help you save a lot of your time and money while dealing with computer related issues. Our professional computer tech support team will fix all the dangerous threats in your PC and make the device run at a much higher speed.

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